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Your exceptional property is more than a listing to us:


Jaye Patel recognizes that selling your home is not just about business. Putting your property on the market is a very personal and emotional experience. That is when Jaye comes in with a personal touch and understands the emotion involved in the selling process. From beginning to end she is here to hold your hand.


No home & No sellers are the same but Jaye provides an individual relationship with his or her home. Your home may be a statement of your personality, and embody your life, aspirations, and memories. Amid excitement for the future, there will always be a touch of nostalgia and warm recollections, together with feelings of connection and attachment.


Jaye Patel and its affiliated real estate brokerages respect the complexity of your decision and will always represent your property in the manner it deserves. You will benefit from incomparable cross-marketing abilities and powerful resources provided by our international network of leading brokers and our intimate relationship with all our local brokers.


Your unique home will always be targeted toward a qualified audience of influential home buyers let it be first time home buyers, affluent investors, business leaders, and other important potential buyers. Diverse venues and effective marketing approaches include digital and printed materials, networking, Open houses, and press coverage, which provide powerful results in marketing your residence on a local, national, and international scale. Your property will be showcased on our sophisticated website, which attracts more buyers locally and internationally.


In addition, Jaye can bolster delivery with exposure and provide window and lobby displays, sale catalogue advertisements, promotional cards, social networking, professional affiliates,

Custom-tailored solutions and discreet marketing for your fine property.


I will work closely with you to guarantee this transition is completed as efficiently and successfully as possible.